Consider returning to town and talking to the Nurse if hit by the debuff. The only hardmode addition to floating islands is the Wyvern enemy. New Monsters: Lava Bat, Red Devil, Tortured Soul, Monster Drops: Magma Stone, Unholy Trident, Fire Feather. That way, the player can run the other way knowing that they will not encounter Sharkrons from that direction. For more information, see Pirate Invasion for more info and tips. Close • Posted by 9 minutes ago. The enemies here are extremely dangerous and it may require gear from the Hardmode Jungle and Dungeon to efficiently farm them. With Wings and Frostspark Boots, you’re very mobile on the ground too and both approaches are viable, so go with what you’re most comfortable with. Upgrading to an Adamantite Drill or Titanium Drill isn't crucial, as it does not grant access to any new ores. From there, the best strategy is to just continually run away while firing until he’s dead. What you must do is get an Anti-Gravity Hook and place one or more platforms in the air. So I've decided, once and for all, to write an ultimate guide to defeating this Fishy Menace! Use the gills potion or neptune's shell so you dont drown. The first Twin killed will not yield any drops. With this pillar, it is best to avoid the ground. Hallowed Bars can be used to craft Hallowed armor and several kinds of weapons. It will then have a 10% chance of appearing when night falls. In Master Mode, all attacks of the Moon Lord have their damage tripled, except for the contact damage of the eye socket, which deals 80 as in Normal Mode. Simply bomb out a large cave (although of course, make sure NOT to accidentally destroy Plantera's Bulb) and put a short wall in the middle of the cave. This is a Guide page. However, know that whereas the Vampire Knives' regenerative powers are proportional to damage, Life Drain simply provides faster regeneration, which may not be enough to save the player from death. She is summoned by using a Gelatin Crystal, found in the underground hallow alongside Crystal Shards, anywhere in any hallowed biome. Seek out the rarest items in the game, such as the. His attacks are way too strong to be tanked, so you have to focus on dodging and learn his patterns. See also: Guide:Lunatic Cultist strategies. Try to gather crystal shards while looking for souls. If the player is not in Eternity Mode, Truffle Worm EX has no effect. Duke Fishron is one of the hardest bosses in the game as of I'll list down the strategies and setup needed to defeat this boss at all stages after hardmode up until the celestial pillars. 3 comments. When used or equipped, it summons a smaller version of Duke Fishron that acts as a pet. This can be helpful if the player sets up a house near the spawn point for the Nurse to move in, aiding the player in healing if the player's health is low. If you are exposed to the biome directly, you may be hit by the Fungi Bulb's attacks, which are very small but deal a lot of damage. To unlock each one, you may need to defeat many of the respective biome's enemies to get a key, which is used to unlock the respective chest. When used or equipped, it summons a smaller version of Duke Fishron that acts as a pet. It must then be defeated within the Oceanor else it will be enraged. Red Devils are the real danger, being able to deal over 100 damage with their trident attack. Unlike the Eater of Worlds, the Destroyer does not break into segments. Also, note that the dungeon has 5 biome-related chests. Monster Drops: Soul of Flight Shadow Key (from Arch Wyvern), Recommended Equipment: Adamantite or Titanium armor, piercing weapons (Demon Scythe is particularly effective), and Gravitation, Ironskin, and Regeneration Potions (Shotgun kills them will around 50 Exploding Bullets). The Pumpkin Moon is summoned at night using the Pumpkin Moon Medallion. The boss also drops the Temple Key, which is used to open the Jungle Temple. Life Fruits increase the player's health by 5, up to a maximum of 500, and Chlorophyte can be crafted into weapons and armor a step above Hallowed equipment. Once the Lunatic Cultist is defeated, the Lunar Events will start. There are stronger enemies and new drops from each. Make your own theme park using minecarts. The Destroyer's drops come from its head when it is killed. Mimics will chase the player when they approach or when attacked. If left to long, these will grow into full-sized Star Cells again. If you do so, Fishron will frequently run into you, and Cthulunados in his second stage will quickly kill you as there won't be any way to dodge them. Try to take out the Storm Divers and Alien Queens first, as the Storm divers have a very strong shotgun attack that can deal large amounts of damage, while the Alien Queens can inflict the distorted debuff, which leaves the player extremely susceptible to other enemies. Drops: Ancient Manipulator, Ancient Cultist Mask, Ancient Cultist Trophy, Greater Healing Potions. To utilize this, you need: Armor and accessories setup with more than 78 defense, Simply activate one potion and repeat moving from the top of the map to the sea level while swinging your Terra Blade. Try to destroy the arms before focusing on the head. It alternates between attacking with its various appendages and using a deadly spinning attack with its head. It only requires flying back and forth across the ocean, attacking the Duke. Anyway here is the master mode Duke Fishron fight. Monsters: Fungi Bulb, Anomura Fungus, Mushi Ladybug, Giant Fungi Bulb, Fungo Fish. This previously trivial biome has had its difficulty increased significantly. If the player created a Hellevator, they should use it to access the lower layers quickly. When the Duke is transforming into his third stage, quickly make your way up to the platform. Life: 15000 (Head), 8000 (Body), 6000 (Fist), Drops: Stynger with Stynger Bolt, Possessed Hatchet, Sun Stone, Eye of the Golem, Picksaw, Heat Ray, Staff of Earth, Golem Fist, Golem Trophy, Beetle Husk, Shiny Stone (expert), Recommended Equipment: Chlorophyte, Turtle, or Shroomite and post-Plantera weapons. The Death Sickle is good for melee characters with its high DPS and piercing ability. If you do undergo the events, it's best to defeat your class's pillar (Vortex for ranged, Nebula for magic, Solar for melee, and Stardust for Summoner). The Autohammer turns Chlorophyte bars into Shroomite bars, which are used to create Shroomite armor, a great armor for ranged attackers. This biome has the same mobs as it did pre-Hardmode, making it considerably safer than almost anywhere else in the world. At the bottom of the Jungle Temple, there is a boss room with a lihzahrd altar. He will fire a special bubble that homes at you and is quite fast(usually unavoidable), but dealing no damage. Both will gain a rapid-fire version of their signature attack and a much more damaging melee attack in their second stages. The spawn rates in naturally occurring Underground Glowing Mushroom biomes are low, and if you intend on getting the Fishron Wings (1/15 chance), as well as all his drops, you’ll need to defeat him on average 10 times. Repeat this process until you reach your bottom platform. Like every Pillar, to make the Vortex Pillar susceptible to damage, you must defeat 100 (150 on Expert) minions to deactivate its shield. "Increased damage, Decreased life regen, Causes status effects" for approx 3-10 seconds. However, if you find yourself stuck attempting and failing to kill him, the Lunar Events may be the only other option to continue. The fragments drop from Flying Snakes And Lihzahrds, and can be found in Lihzahrd Chests in the Jungle Temple. Skeletron Prime is the hardmode version of Skeletron. When the second Twin is killed, the listed drops will appear where it was killed. After Duke Fishron becomes enraged, you use your Anti-Gravity Hook in the platform and start using it to spin in a circle. lets go lets fishron go ok lets just start. I cannot even get duke bellow 35000 before I die. It does, however, need some more work than other ones, especially when building the arena. share. A player used to traveling at night may find it difficult to progress when they are out after dark. The Twins are the hardmode version of Eye of Cthulhu. Explore player-made custom maps and content. Corruption now spreads through the world at a fast pace. This will cause any Mimics to break their ruse and attack. Sort by. Desktop Both Twins will alternate between their signature attack (Laser for Retinazer, Cursed flame for Spazmatism), and charging at the player. Monster Drops: Armor Polish, Beam Sword (rare), Magic Quiver, Marrow, Recommended Equipment: Molten, Molten Pickaxe. And they will despawn almost exactly when he is ready to drop another pair of Sharknadoes. The fight itself is pretty simple, just make sure to watch out for the Sharkrons. When corrupted, crimsoned, or hallowed, they become very similar to their respective biomes. Another important factor to note is that you should attempt to avoid a Cthulhunado by any means necessary. There are two methods to dodging the attacks, like with Skeletron Prime. If you’re fighting Duke Fishron multiple times, the fight will be somewhat easier once you've acquired his weapon drops and wings. Drops: Temple Key, Grenade Launcher, Pygmy Staff, Venus Magnum, Nettle Burst, Leaf Blower, Flower Pow, Wasp Gun, Seedling, The Axe, Recommended Equipment: Chlorophyte or Turtle; piercing weapons, Plantera can be one of the easiest bosses if you have an arena. Like King Slime, much of the reason she is easier than the 3 main bosses at this point is because of her limited movement and attacking capabilities; she has no rapid, long range attack, and even in her second form she moves significantly slower than The Twins or Skeletron Prime. Guess I'm feeling determined. He's really quite easy once you figure out his movements, though you might have to fight him a few times before you get them down.
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