Duncan and Miller issued their last catalogue in 1953, featuring Early American Sandwich Glass, pattern #41 (which collectors have now simplified to Duncan Sandwich), Canterbury, Teardrop, and several other patterns. The most important thing a member can do at Glass Lovers Glass Database is learn the language of glass. Identifying Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Millville Paperweights. The glass is made with bold and bright colors, and it has a range of intricate patterns. The Sandwich pattern was reissued by Indiana Glass and sold through Tiara. Identifying Twentieth Century Perthshire Paperweights. When held up to the light, crystal should reflect light and cast soft prism-like rainbows. Collecting Sandwich glass. For more than a century, the glass company based in this small Indiana town manufactured everything from iridescent carnival glass to Depression-style tumblers, goblets, and plates. Dates of manufacture and alternate names for patterns are provided when known. My preference is for the clear/colorless version, although I have a Spruce green serving tray for Christmas. The first reissues were made in Ruby as shown in the above 1970 Tiara catalog scan. For more information on specific Depression glass pieces and manufacturers of each pattern, click on the links provided below the photos (where available). Easy to find, reasonable prices. The Indiana Glass Company of Dunkirk can trace its roots to the founding of the Beatty-Brady Glass Company in 1897. Many companies made similar patterns and it is often difficult to know for certain if a piece of glass was made by Boston and Sandwich Company. Tapping genuine crystal emits a musical “ping” sound. Because of its lead content, crystal glassware is stronger, heavier, and smoother than standard glass. Collecting Sandwich glass can be both rewarding and confusing for the novice. Our members identify glassware, provide the images and data then we have a team that catalogs it. Old Glass Pattern Identification - Sandwich Glass - Collecting Glass - A Free Collector's Resource. This guide is designed to show Depression glass patterns in detail to assist with identification. Sandwich did not use any hallmarks to identify their paperweights thus making it difficult to identify their origin. Some Sandwich glass may very well have come from another factory in New England or Pennsylvania. Identifying Nineteenth Century New England Glass Company Paperweights. Identifying Nineteenth Century Sandwich Paperweights. The quickest way to identify crystal is to examine its look and sound. 4 companies made "Sandwich Glass" in the 20th Century; I am collecting mostly Indiana/Tiara Sandwich Glass although I have a few items of Anchor Hocking Sandwich also. To distinguish depression glass from reproduction pieces, look for small bubbles in … Identifying depression glass involves looking for the defining characteristics. In 1955, they ceased operations altogether, and sold the plant which was destroyed by fire before being occupied by the new owner. Sandwich glass is an easy glass pattern to collect. Indiana Glass Pattern number 170, known as the Sandwich or Early American Pattern. Glass Lovers Glass Database is a large project that is dedicated to keeping glass identification resources on the net free. Here are a few tips to help. American Art Nouveau Glass - Louis Comfort Tiffany. Indiana Glass introduced their verision of the Sandwich pattern in 1925. But - the glass pattern identification can be work.
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