The only phlox that gets powdery mildew in my garden is garden phlox. 99 Mayflower. Fran’s Purple creeping phlox. Need to perk up your home for the holidays? The average of theses weekly ratings is then used to calculate the final score displayed on this website. Despite being hardy and adaptable to a wide range of geographic regions, garden phlox perform best where summer nights are cool. In the world of garden phlox, pink is king—from light to dark, pure to muddy, solid to striped. I can only imagine how shocking (and pleasing) the contrast would be with cherry red, deep purple, or vivid magenta blossoms. Mayflower or Trailing Arbutus is a fragrant native woodland flower. ‘Shockwave’ (P. paniculata ‘Shockwave’) isn’t just variegated; it’s über-variegated. The leaf color is so striking that it would be fine if it never flowered. Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) is sure to inspire … Get complete site access to decades of expert advice, regional content, and more, plus the print magazine. Phlox stolonifera ‘Sherwood Purple’. I think that makes ‘Shortwood’ the gold standard for measuring mildew resistance. Easy Perennials for Shade. Garden phlox begins blooming in midsummer, drawing in butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds aplenty for many weeks. Carolyn’s Shade Gardens is a retail nursery located in Bryn Mawr, PA, specializing in showy, colorful, and unusual plants for shade. This weak start may have been enough to hamper their performance for the rest of the trial. To my surprise, though, there were a handful of cultivars that put on a spectacular show without much of a fuss. Phlox divaricata. Soil: Rich, well-drained soils are best, but phlox is fairly adaptable. The pink-and-white flowers of ‘Peppermint Twist’ are simply fun—the alternating stripes remind me of Starlight Mints or a child’s pinwheel. Are you sure you want to delete your notes for this recipe? Tall garden phlox grow best in full sunlight, but will tolerate light shade Shading decreases both bloom quantity and quality, while it increases disease problems They should not be planted near trees and … Powdery mildew and garden phlox tend to go hand in hand, Selecting resistant cultivars is the first line of defense, If you live in deer or rabbit country, you might be in trouble, Aside from garden phlox, the trial included a number of cultivars of, which boast greater mildew resistance and are often sold as, Full sun; well-drained, alkaline, clay-loam soil. Don’t get me wrong—the flowers are pretty and bloom well into autumn on a compact plant, only 22 inches tall and 14 inches wide. ‘Flower Power’ is a giant for the back of a border. Perennial plant trials usually run for a period of three years to ensure the plants experience a variety of weather conditions. ‘Flower Power’ meadow phlox (P. maculata ‘Flower Power’) was one of my favorites because of the crazy amount of sweetly scented flowers, its handsome dark purple stems, and its robust bushy habit. If you are … Sherwood Purple creeping phlox Phlox Wild Blue Phlox Garden Erosion Control Plants for Slopes and Banks – Wild Blue Phlox. G arden phlox are generally best grown in moist, well-drained soils in full sun to light shade. The plants have been mildew-free and loaded with flowers from midsummer into early autumn. Rating: 3.2. Since 1993, the Chicago Botanic Garden has evaluated 110 different phlox in our comparative trials. One explanation for the challenges experienced with several cultivars is that the initial plants were not in the healthiest condition at planting. The list of accolades that accompanied ‘John Fanick’ boasts its compact size, prolific bloom, mildew resistance, and ability to draw in butterflies like a magnet. Soil. I like a flower that I can look in the eye, so it had better be tall because I’m more than 6 feet tall. Phlox for Shade. Light: Both varieties of phlox enjoy full sun, although the upright Garden phlox can take a little afternoon shade, particularly in the south. ‘Katherine’ features pretty lavender blossoms with a white eye, a combination that gives it a calming quality in a sea of rowdier colors. Plant these phlox varieties at the front of the border, and as rock and wild garden plants, especially in … Here’s what you need to know about identifying and preventing some common phlox pitfalls: High humidity and warm temperatures bring on this pesky fungal disease, which commonly affects the leaves, stems, and inflorescences. Dig holes that are twice the size of the ball roots of the phlox plants. Low growing phlox for sun include hairy phlox and moss phlox. Gardens open for general admission April–November. The queen of easy perennials for shade, hostas are just about foolproof! Two-spotted spider mites are another trouble­some pest of garden phlox. © 2020 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. Your best bet for thwarting powdery mildew is to plant cultivars that avoid the disease altogether. We use…, Join Fine Gardening in upcoming webinars. Phlox stolonifera … Below are detailed descriptions about the performance of each plant in the evaluation. ‘Peppermint Twist’ was introduced as a compact phlox reaching only 12 to 16 inches tall and 12 to 14 inches wide, but our plants got to be twice that size in four years. They do best in full sun, but will also grow in light shade. Woodland phlox or Blue phlox (Phlox divaricata) is another low-growing species. Mt. Fungicides or horticultural oils and soaps can also be helpful in controlling the fungus. These plants, unfortunately, are known for their susceptibility to a number of pests and diseases, especially when subjected to hot, dry, exposed soils. Clear white flowers, dotted with a purple eye, are amply held in large clusters from early summer to fall. ‘Delta Snow’, a longtime pass-along plant from the Mississippi Delta area, was touted as mildew resistant from the start and proved to be just that for us. Hosta. Although phlox flowers best when given full sun, it is actually a native woodland plant and doesn’t mind a bit of shade, especially when grown in hot southern climates. In our earlier trial, ‘Katherine’ topped out at 27 to 30 inches tall, whereas it was a foot taller more recently. In a way, the lavender-pink flowers seem oddly paired with such an intense leaf color. You must be a magazine subscriber to access this feature. Unfortunately, Phlox ‘Violet Pinwheels’ should be grown in full sun, not in shade. Conditions: Full sun; well-drained, alkaline, clay-loam soil. Many selections have been made over the years for different flower colors; however, only a few are regularly offered at garden centers. Cuba Center trialed a variety of these selections over a period of three years in order to determine which plants perform best in the mid-Atlantic region. Classes offered year-round. Bubblegum Pink (P. ‘DITOFRA’) aptly describes its bright pink flowers. ‘Shockwave’ is known to have stable variegation, which, so far, appears to be true compared with other variegated phlox cultivars we’ve trialed. At the southern end of its range, it will require more shade. A mixture of one tablespoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of lightweight horticultural oil or insecticidal soap in a gallon of water applied weekly helps control the mildew, as well. In the end, it took top honors for exceptional performance and superior resistance to powdery mildew. ... 20 Best Hostas for Shade Garden Areas 19 Easy to Grow Coral Bells for Colorful Gardens. This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. Phlox prosper in a cool sunny climate, well-watered, in rich sweet soil. Besides observing their ornamental traits, we monitored the plants to see how well they grew and adapted to environmental and soil conditions while keeping a close eye on any disease or pest problems and assessing plant injury or losses over winter. The soil should be rich and slightly sweet (alkaline), so if your soil tends towards the acidic side, regular applications of lime is recommended, say every two or t… ‘Delta Snow’ fits the bill; in fact, it was the third tallest phlox in our trial. (I never connected the dots that all of these cultivars were named after well-known cocktails—not that it matters much when evaluating performance.) The pink-striated petals with bright red eyes will grab your attention from midsummer onward. ‘Thai Pink Jade’ is the first in a new line of mildew-resistant selections that will be introduced in the coming years. The giant Phlox Trees being offered in this collection were bred by A. Verschoor Horticulture, a family-owned nursery located in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Tall phlox include Carolina phlox, spotted phlox and garden phlox. There is an exquisiteness, almost translucency, to its flowers—clear light pink with a rosy pink eye—made all the more delightful when glistening with dewdrops. ‘Rowie’ would complement anything blue, white, or soft yellow, and while it was lovely even in blazing sunlight, I bet it would be fantastic in gentler light. This rating takes into account many factors including habit, floral display, disease resistance, hardiness, and foliage quality. Phlox stolonifera ‘Fran’s Purple’. This site uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Regardless, the bounty of lovely flowers from midsummer onward makes it worth finding a spot for this charming Texan. Growing cheek by jowl with dozens of susceptible cultivars, it was astonishing that we never found a spot of mildew on its leaves. We’ve only had ‘Thai Pink Jade’ in our garden for two years, but we like what we’ve seen, so far. Seeing our trial in full bloom was like watching a wondrous kaleidoscopic spectacle of fancy hats in an Easter parade. Pesticides are not used unless there is a serious threat to the entire trial’s survivability. Rating: 4.0, Charleston Pink woodland phlox of the member-only content library. A number of cultural practices, however, may eliminate or reduce mildew in susceptible varieties. Therefore, we recommend purchasing only vigorous, actively growing plants of woodland phlox in order to ensure better garden establishment. Low growing perennials like the Heart-Leaf Brunnera thrive in partial shade. At 36 inches tall and 20 inches wide, the plants are slightly larger than expected but still compact. All of the cultivars were about 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide the first year. The series offers fragrant, brightly colored flowers; compact, bushy habits; and excellent mildew resistance. The following phlox might not be well known to gardeners—and they are fairly new to our trial—but their performance, so far, has made us sit up and take notice.

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