Created in 2006, the annual competition is the fruit of a partnership gathering the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, the luxury house of jewellery Cartier, INSEAD business school and the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. The undertaking supports ecological, intelligent, and innovative design policies. Trendy and sustainable bag! Piñatex was created by Carmen Hijosa, a 63 year old Spanish woman who used to work in the Phillipines leather goods industry in the 1990s. The leaves are a by-product of the pineapple harvest, so no extra land, water, fertiliser or pesticides are required to produce the raw material. It is an innovative replacement for animal leather and plastic-based vegan leather. Shoes, bags, watches straps, apparel goods, but also car seats and interior design furnitures can be created using Piñatex. Size: 21 cm high, 17 cm radius This unique piece was lovingly handmade by Wayuu women. Piñatex is an innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibre. The latter is an innovative and sustainable textile created from pineapple leaves. It was created in 2013, has its head office in London, and manufactures and sells Piñatex®. She started looking for alternatives to leather and found that a traditional Filipino garment called Barong Talong was made from the strong, durable fibres of pineapple leaves. And the best part is that not only the materials are sustainable — the manufacturing process is too, as well as socially responsible. Piñatex is a natural material made from surplus pineapple leaves. A post shared by Piñatex® by Ananas Anam (@pinatex) on Oct 30, 2017 at 5:25am PDT The leather-like material is primarily produced from the wastage of … Now running a startup–at age 63–she’s ramping up manufacturing of her pineapple-based leather, called Piñatex. Please scroll down for details. Piñatex is a textile material created by Carmen Hijosa, who set out to create a sustainable alternative to leather. After five years of research conducted between Spain and the UK, she created Piñatex, a material derived from pineapple leaves (one square metre requires about 480 fibers) that doesn’t need weaving. Created by Ananas Anam, Piñatex is a natural, cruelty-free textile derived from pineapples that is shaking up the leather industry.From animal cruelty to dangerous chemical tanning, leather has long been the source of much controversy so Dr. Carmen Hijosa, founder and CEO of Ananas Anam, made it her mission to develop and offer an alternative that was both … Conventional manufacturing processes of animal leather are not sustainable for our environment due to the large use of resources, animal industry, and the toxic chemicals used to create leather. Image: Ananas Anam. Called Piñatex - piña is Spanish for pineapple - the new material was created by Carmen Hijosa, who worked as a consultant in the Philippines leather goods industry in the 1990s.

when was piñatex created

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